Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In This Dream

In this dream I have at night...
I walk down this hallway filled with rooms
I search for you
I open the first door to my left
It's filled with brooms
I close that door to open another to my right
This one is painted blue
Still your nowhere in sight
I look for the next door
This one was harder to open
There's a book with blank pages on the floor
But there's no you... once again
This next door i arrive at is almost too hard to get into
The red paint on the walls is cracked in this room
I close this door and i try to open the next
But its seems as though i can not open the rest
I go from door to door
Knob after knob
But they wont let me in
At this point the hallway ends
There is one more door
I turn the knob
I open the door only find a dark empty room
I fall to the floor
Crying hysterically making a whole scene
Then i wake up in tears from this horrible dream
Because i know exactly what it all means:
The hallway stands for this journey I've had with you
The brooms signifies how u swept me off my feet
The blue
Is how i felt when you dropped me
The difficult door shows how hard it was to let you back in
The empty book is filled with the old memories
The cracked paint represents my heart after all those times u left me
The locked doors are the pointless relationships and shows how closed off I've been
That black room is what u left me

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