Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I guess they're coming bac

Im starting to see girls wearing jean jackets more often. Now ppl havent worn those in a minute! but i guess they are back in style.



Omg I was reading this article and this dude has 11(yes 11) baby mommas and 21 kids and he is only 29. That is just ridiculous. But the fact that he has that many kids is not even the problem its the fact that he cant even take care of them! he didnt even intend on having kids he said "it just happened" now thats a shame...... a word to the wise...... USE PROTECTION!!!!!!!!

And he dont even look good!!!! lol



a poem i never published anywhere else

He calls her over
Its late
He greets her with his lips
She knows she has found her soul mate
Her heart beat against his
Before they knew it
Clothes were dropping
Music playing
Candles lit
wet passionate kisses
They move towards the bed
His arms wrapped around her
She melts after every word is said
His touch sends chills down her spine
She wants no other man
He touches her as if she is the only woman n this world
He kisses her again and again
She never wants these feelings to end
A bright light pierces the darkness
N the doorway stands a woman with disgust and anger written all over her face
that's wen she realizes that she is the other woman


so i wrote this poem a couple of moths ago when i was at school...
hope you like it...

They wheel her down the hall to the operating room...

The doctor prepares himself for this impossible task at hand

She lies almost lifeless on the table dreaming of salt water and beach sand...

He pulls out his scalpel
Hands shaky
Sweat drips down his forehead

Thinking to himself just go head
Dive in
Get it over with
Not nervousness more like unsurity
Is he ready
Is this risk worth it
Putting all into this surgey wen it cud end n tragedy

He breaks the skin
Still unsure but now he's in
Passing tissues and veins searching for this vital organ

As she lay there on the table almost lifeless dreaming of salt water and beach sand...

He searches to find it
But all he can find is fragments of what used to be

as she lie there dreaming of the nights spent swimming n that salt water with a man who she thought loved her
And long walks on the beach sand where she held his hand
And he used to hold hers

The doctor tries to piece together the fragments of what used to be
He watches as the the heart beats on the monitor begin to slow
He tries his hardest to save her

As she lays there on the table almost lifeless with dreams of salt water and beach sand

He wants so much for this surgery to be a success he wants so much for her to survive, overcome this obsticle and live on

Soon the heart beat stops but he is still determined
His colleagues advise him that there is no more than he can do
But he can not stop he wants this so bad
But she lays there now lifeless dreaming of salt water and beach sand
She will never love again...


So this is my first blog. Usually when i see blogs ppl are usually ranting and raving about random stuff. well mines will b no different lol. i have alot of stuff that goes through my head that i have to get out. sometimes ill b angry sometimes ill b happy sometimes ill b confused and sometimes ill b just curious. so just bare with me :)