Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hurt [hurt] v. - to cause bodily or mental pain or distress

hurt. A word that i am not unfamiliar with.

you tell me that you love me and there is no one else you want to be with. you make me cut all ties with everyone for a chance to be with you. and then. you disappear.
But i loved you...
I guess that doesn't matter anymore
For some reason u saw it best that we just be apart. no words. no reasons. just disappeared
All the words that u said now flow in the wind
And the feelings that I once or still have are turning into other things.
I've tried to get you out my mind.
but there is no closure
there were no explanations. no goodbyes
I cant sleep at night.
and its all because of you
thoughts of you just run continuously through my mind.
What did i do???
Questions never answered.
Is this my fault???
Somehow do i deserve this???
Am I paying for my past???
If i am this is THE cruelest punishment i could ever receive.
I hope your proud of yourself
I hope you feel like a man.

If it was you mission to hurt me... congratulations mission accomplished

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